I help women 40 years & older with low energy, disrupted hormones, sleep issues, aches & pains and much more through my customized Detox & Revitalization Program.

1) Remove & Replace: Take out the harmful toxins hidden within everyday foods & drink, and learn how to replace with safer, more reliable ingredients and preparation techniques.

2) Repair & Revitalize: Nourish the body so that it can heal.

3) Rebalance: Learn how to integrate for a lifetime.

These learnings transfer to better overall health for your entire family, children included!

Additional packages:

1. Custom Packaging: For Individual Health Related Challenges / Deficits /Ailments / Prevention / Post-Illness Building / Gentle Detoxification, etc

2. Midlife Challenges, Health & Beauty: Fat Burning/Skincare/ Energy & General Hormonal Support/Brain Fog

3. Pre & Post Pregnancy Support: Clean Out / Get Your Body Ready / Get Back to Neutral/ Nutrient Support/ Realigning

4. Family Support/ Guidance/ Clean Up

5. Fire Fighter Clean Up: Fight the Fire Within/Clean Your Body Out/Learn How to Substitute/Lung & Liver Support/Disease Prevention


Monthly package: $475* ($1,375 for 3 Month commitment)

– Customized, virtual consultations, including in-depth review of intake forms.
– Approximately two (2) 1-hour sessions per month, within 2-week intervals.
– Touch-base calls to provide additional support & guidance.  
– Email support, 24 hr. response time.
– Information to support our work & content covered.  
– A life long plan for success



*Full payment required in advance.  Non-refundable.  If rescheduling with 24 hours advanced notice, the amount will be applied to a future appointment, made within 1 week. Any significant travel time needed will require additional costs to be discussed and agreed upon.    


– A cleaning/washing of your organs, cells and brain
– A cleaner, lighter, more aligned body
– A more energized body
– A revitalized metabolism
– Clearer, calmer thinking

·      1-Hour Kick-Off video
·      Receive: 3-Day Cleanse, Shopping list & Recipes
·      Personal support during the cleanse.
·      Facebook support group
·      10% Discount off supplemental products via FullScript.
·      Post cleanse support & suggestions moving forward.

Pricing: $350*

Corporate or Group Presentations:

Whether you are talking about just the average family interested in making changes, or the corporate environment, the question is:  How much is poor health & wellness really costing you?

Corporations: I have 12 years worth of corporate sales and marketing training with Fortune 50 companies.  This allows me to really understand and identify with the daily responsibilities and pressures of this lifestyle.  It also allows me to deliver effective and efficient messages and tools to fast paced, A-type personalities (Being an A-type) myself.  This coupled with my excellent track record in health & wellness makes me the perfect person to help your organization.

The physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is CRITICAL to a well functioning, highly productive team. Investing in their health and wellness, and arming them with critical knowledge & tools will help to reduce: turnover, sick days, low energy, and low productivity!  It will increase Productivity, increase Energy, increase Focus and increase Emotional Balance.  It will Strengthen the Immune System, and help to Manage Stress!

Family Support: The physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is also CRITICAL to a well functioning, highly productive, happy, healthy family!  Many times, if there is a sick family member, these presentations will allow everyone to rally around that person.  It creates a unified front to help this person heal.  It also allows you ALL to get on board and make the necessary changes to increase your quality of life as well, and to mitigate possible illness down the road.

Critical knowledge & tools will help to increase Energy, Build the Immune System, increase daily Productivity, Focus, Emotional Balance and Manage Stress as well… and of course this will all have a positive effect on Weight Gain!

Either way, I can educate the masses by providing presentations tailored to key messages surrounding nutrition, and how it affects your overall health, physical and mental performance.

NOTE: The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.