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Ann Marie DeGregoria, Balanced 4 Life Nutrition,

Below are staggering statistics extracted throughout Dr. Michelle Scholffro Cook’s book, The Ultimate PH Solution.  I compiled these statistics to allow for a broader picture of the type of assault the average person’s body goes through.  Let this shed some light on the current situation and please share.  

-The average person consumes 150 pounds of refined sugar per year (vs. our grandparents in the early 1900’s consumed approximately 5 pounds per year).

-More than 60 chemicals are used in processing natural sugar cane to arrive at what we call sugar

-Average person drinks 848 cups of soda per year. This works out to 2.5 cups per day. Each can contains 11 teaspoons of sugar and 32 glasses of alkalized water is needed to undo the damage of 1 glass of soda.

-The average person consumes 124 pounds of food chemicals per year, including synthetic preservatives, colors & many artificial chemicals, (none of which our system is designed to handle).

-There are more than 3,000 additives and preservatives in our food supply today.

-79% of North Americans are deficient in calcium; 67% in magnesium.

-The countries that consume the most dairy have the highest cases of osteoporosis… yes, really!

-The average person consumes more than 5 pound of trans-fats per year.

– Pesticides are chemicals derived from leftover toxic nerve agents & viruses to keep bugs off our foods!

-Rainfall in the eastern States is about 40x more acidic than it should be.

-Seeds are genetically altered before planting them into artificially created chemical fertilizers.

-The shelf life of our foods (& skin products) is extended with the “help” of synthetic chemicals, gases, waxes, conditioners, firming agents, heavy metals, texturizers, bleach, altered fats, sugars and amino acids until there is no resemblance of “food”.

Ann Marie De Gregoria
Holistic Health Coach & Reiki Master
~Food As Thy Medicine~
Balanced 4 Life Nutrition /
Reference: Dr. Michelle Scholffro Cook, The Ultimate PH Solution

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