Ann Marie, I am writing to thank you for your in-depth & inspirational education. Thanks to you I not only crossed some boundaries nutritionally, but spiritually as well.  You touched me… Inspired me… I now see that our connection to food is more than just being aware of our diets. 

Nutritionally, the wholesome foods that I have incorporated has helped bring a sense of calm, well being and renewed health, as well as feeling energized during the day, and sleeping so much better at night.  Additionally, you have helped open my eyes to the sobering reports on food today, and taught me how to lessen my exposure to substances that may cause me harm.  You taught me how to use food as my medicine.  

Spiritually, I am thankful to you for reminding me that we are all basically whole & complete, and for encouraging me to look within.  You helped me to become more aware of holistic practices of meditation, yoga, deep breathing & being present…

You are a beacon amid the stormy seas of confusion… Thank you. 

VC, Massapequa, NY