It is only right that my first blog be about the spring-time cleansing … First, because it’s Spring (finally), but also because it’s about a new beginning… for both of us!

“Cleansing” is a powerful tool that we have in our toolbox.  This natural aid can protect us from the constant barrage of daily assailants (toxins, fumes, pesticides, unknown “chemicals”, etc) that settle into all different areas of our bodies, whether we are aware it is happening, or not.  What might be surprising is that fat accumulates to actually protect our body for this onslaught.  By doing a cleanse, you reignite your entire metabolism, realign your hormones, give your digestive tract a break, clean your liver, kidneys, intestine, bowels, lungs, skin and even your brain.  Also, by temporarily eliminating the typical allergens: gluten, sugar, coffee, peanuts and animals products, our body is just SO grateful!  Think of it this way – we all shower to clean the outside of our body (hopefully?!)… well, we should at least cleanse the inside of our body 2x / year!  Doesn’t that just make so much sense?

This isn’t about starving, or about fasting…  It is about the chance to add “detoxifying” foods to our diet, for a few days (or longer), to rid our bodies of all of the “assailants” that we breathe, eat and touch all day long.  It also gives us the chance to bombard our bodies with some VERY needed nutrients, so that we can feel great, be healthy and stay young!

If I started to list out all of the chemicals & toxins that we come in contact with from the very minute that we wake, it would be almost depressing… so I won’t.  Instead the purpose of this writing is to help you become aware that there is something that you can actually do about it!  By incorporating this practice into your life 2x per year (Spring/ Fall), you can make such a difference to your possibly sluggish system.  This will be especially helpful for people with seasonal or food allergies, intestinal issues, digestive issues, energy crashes, sleep issues, skin issues, aches and pains, memory loss and even those with what feels like “unbalanced emotions”.  Without the proper nutrients, disease (“dis-ease”) will possibly set in – first comes the “symptoms” (including weight gain), and then, if left unattended, “dis-ease”.

Part 2: http://balance4lifenutrition.com/a-time-to-cleanse-part-2-2/

~Eat for Health!

Ann Marie DeGregoria
Holistic Health Coach
For holistic health coaching services, please contact me at: info@b4ln.com

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