This week, let’s look at some of the main organs that are affected by these constant “assailants”.  These organs, which make up our incredible, sophisticated bodies, are sometimes taken for granted.  I bet some folks haven’t thought about these organs since biology class in high school!?  Well, I am here to say that they really do need some attention and some help…

Liver – There is no rest for the weary here – the liver works around the clock, specifically to detoxify our bodies!  The liver’s functions also include:  processing drugs and hormones, distributing nutrients, transforming glucose into energy, storing vitamins/minerals, synthesizing active vitamin D, and removing old blood cells!  Think this is an important organ???  We need to be kind to it!  According to Chinese Medicine, the liver loves spring cleaning!

Kidneys – This organ also has a tough job… because people are basically in a constant state of dehydration, the kidneys do not have the proper fluids needed to do their job… “health-fully” (yep, a new word for the dictionary).  The Kidneys are actually responsible for filtering & purifying blood, helping to maintain an electrolyte balance, removing toxins and filtering urine.  A cleanse, as well as drinking the proper amount of water, will really give this organ a boost! (Coffee & juice do not count guys, sorry!)

Small & Large Intestines – These very important intestines have it rough … these poor guys are under constant distress from a typical Standard American Diet (SAD) & our “stress-full” lifestyles.  This distress and lack of nutrients causes damage to our intestines.  It then interferes with it primary job – to break down food into absorbable nutrients for the body to use…. And then the large intestine excretes the waste.  Many times for the same reasons, as well as not having enough water for the body to do its many jobs, the large intestines have a hard time dislodging and removing waste properly so that it can actually leave the body!   Again, this organ too could really use a detox…

Skin – Your skin is your largest “organ”- believe it or not…  It regenerates itself every 25-45 days.  It is very efficient at absorbing both beneficial substances, and harmful substances.  One of its many functions is to excrete toxins through its pores.  If you have skin conditions, your skin could benefit from a cleanse.  A cleanse can reach down to the cellular level and draw toxins out.  Good-bye eczema, acne, wrinkles and many other un-identifiable conditions!

Lungs – The lungs breathe in toxins and fumes all day long, which ultimately pass through the blood, and thus the whole body.  Its passage ways can become inflamed and damaged, contributing to things like asthma and shortness of breath.

Gallbladder – The Gallbladder stores concentrated bile, which is needed for the intestines to digest & utilize fats.  An imbalance may lead to gallstones… not too fun.  This is the season for detoxifying the gallbladder too…

I will leave you with this final thought – How awesome would it be if everyone felt really healthy – both mentally & physically – at the exact same time???  Such a nice thought… and detoxifying could really help achieve that!  By helping cleaning these organs, you can boost your metabolism and re-align your hormones.

Part 1: http://balance4lifenutrition.com/a-time-to-cleanse-part-1/ 

~Eat for Health!

Ann Marie DeGregoria
Holistic Health Coach
For holistic health coaching services, please contact me at: info@b4ln.com

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