Genetically Modified Food (GMO/GE)

Genetically Modified Food (GMO/GE)

We live during a time when we think we can, and we should, manipulate nature to serve us better. We have never been so wrong. We have “upset the boundaries set by Nature” through Genetically Modified Foods.

GMO’s are manipulated on a DNA level, merging species that were not intended to be paired together. These “foods” may contain DNA from different species, including plant, animal, insect, bacterial or viral DNA.

About 80-90% of all “conventional” food is genetically engineered. Sadly, labeling is not mandated! These “foods” consist of soy, corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, canola oil, papayas, chicken, fish and dairy (dairy is injected with rBGH, a GE hormone, causing a higher level of insulin growth factor). GE foods are deemed “Franken-foods” and rejected by Europe & Japan – about 60 developed nations in total.

Why create GE foods:

  • Help resist against pests, and decrease the need for pesticide sprays
  • Help improve the “shelf life” of food and minimize spoilage
  • Help feed the ever-growing population, providing enough food to eat
  • Create a platform for drugs and vaccinations to enter through food rather than an immunization. “Genetically modified chickens now lay drug-enriched eggs to fight certain diseases.”

What are the dangers of GE foods:

  • Since “allergens are transferred at the molecular level,” when we alter genes and allow them to enter our foods, new allergies form and “run rampant.” Soy allergies have gone up 50% since GE soy foods joined the market in 1997. Peanuts are another example of a rise in serious allergens.
  • GE crops may build resistance to pesticides and transfer into weeds creating “super-weeds” that cannot be controlled. This could mean even “more toxic pesticides and herbicides”!
  • Bio-engineering food, and chemically altering the DNA, will destroy the healing properties of our food and reduce the nutrients!
  • GE food means that animal by-products make their way into vegetarian foods ie, fish genes improve the shelf life and are added to GE tomatoes, outraging vegetarians!
  • GE foods have been developed to create their own insecticides or herbicides, which are designed to kill organisms – “could be dangerous for consumption by both animals and people.” Remember, “unnaturally changing ANY species has far reaching consequences”.
  • This technology may ultimately develop “super” insects that we may have a hard time controlling, and it will ultimately disrupt the ecosystem as well. Both ladybugs, bees and butterflies both have shown shorter lifespan as a result of eating GE foods!
  • GE tomatoes gave birth to “Flavr Savr” tomatoes, which not only were they mushy and bruised easily, but proved a resistance to antibiotics. Today, “antibiotic marker genes are used throughout the genetic engineering process”. Also, “over 150 genetically engineered foods were approved for sale in 2000” and none were tested for a reaction to antibiotics, thus adding to the creation of more super-germs!


  • Only 1% of the USDA’s molecular biology budget is spent on exploring the risks of genetic engineered foods. Government seems to protect Big-Business’ technology “advancements” rather than protecting the general population (a responsibility that they were “hired” to do). We are the Guinea pigs of this new “technology” and our families are part of this science experiment, of which the LONG TERM effects & consequences are unknown. Two companies that stand to make an enormous profit from genetically engineered foods are Monsanto and Aventis.
  • A bill was introduced in 1999 to force manufacturers to label GE foods. Today, we are still awaiting the FDA to mandate GE labeling! We have no way of knowing if our food is GE, and the chances are that it is! The FDA’s stance is that GE foods do not need to be labeled because “they are no different than hybrids created by cross breeding”, however they are cross-bred by “varieties of the same species,” while GE foods have “no species boundaries”, be it animal, viral, bacterial or toxic species!

What you can do:

  • Buy certified organic foods. (Note: 5% of non-organic ingredients are allowed in organic food by law, however chances are that these same organic farmers are doing what they can to protect us.
  • Avoid non-organic foods that are “routinely” genetically engineered – listed above.
  • Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables and buy wild fish (salmon for instance, should not grow to 10lbs in just 14 months – it is not natural).
  • Ask if genetically engineered seeds are used

Summary: “Nature never does anything without good reason” and by breaking Nature’s laws without thought of the potential consequences could prove to be a disaster – paying the price with generations to come – potentially modifying & mutating our children’s children.

Therefore we all have to take a stand and so no to GMO, and yes to:
“A clean and fair food system!”

Healthy Healing, Dr. Linda Page, 82-84

Balanced 4 Life Nutrition, Ann Marie DeGregoria,

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