Top 10 Reasons Why Healthy Fats Matter

Top 10 Reasons Why Healthy Fats Matter

Our weight is a direct result of both chemical and biological reactions in our body, influenced in part by the food we eat.

Whole foods produce a healthy body and mind, while genetically modified food (and all its synthesized ingredients), settle in areas around our body, contributing to disease.

It may seem logical to think fat makes you fat, but consider this: Typically, low fat diets are heavy in refined starches and sugary carbohydrates, which enhance hunger, raise insulin and promote weight gain.

Here are the top 10 reasons why healthy fat matters:

1. Aids Cellular Functioning, Regulation and Integrity

The plasma membrane plays a dynamic role in cellular activities. Its structure is an ever-flowing, fluid layer of lipids (fat), cholesterol and proteins. Fat provides a way for nutrients to enter the cells. Cholesterol specifically helps to keep the membrane fluid, stable and strong. Healthy fats help to maintain the integrity and regulation of the cell, including oxygen exchange, transportation and energy.

2. Regulates Digestion and Satiety

Food scientists were tasked with removing fat, but then they had to find a replacement because the food became tasteless. The replacement was salt, sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. These ingredients are chemically designed to actually make you ingest more. Healthy fats slow digestion and provide a feeling of satiety.

3. Transports Nutrients

Fat helps nutrients pass through cell membranes. It’s critical for the absorption of vital vitamins A, D, E and K.

4. Enhances Skin Health

Lipids are the building blocks of the membranes, providing continuous nourishment for a supple subcutaneous layer. Essential fatty acids help provide a waterproof and antimicrobial barrier, reduce premature aging, provide texture, softness and elasticity. Fat helps to lubricate, protect, insulate and cushion the body.

5. Protects Against Inflammation

Inflammation — a precursor to disease — triggers oxidation, leaving the cells vulnerable to damage. Healthy fat will protect against fatty-acid oxidation and is critical for the functioning of a healthy immune system.

6. Enhances Blood Flow and More

Helps to stabilize blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, blood flow, blood clots and blood lipids.

7. Supports Heart Health and Cholesterol

Healthy fats lower your LDL and triglycerides, while increasing HDL. It helps with heart health, rhythm, vessel structure and artery flexibility.

8. Helps Neurological Functioning

More than 60 percent of the brain is made up of essential fatty acids, and its continued consumption is needed for proper nerve transmission, brain development, behavioral development and optimal functioning.

9. Burns Body Fat

Healthy dietary fat actually helps you lose weight and break down existing body fat by igniting the processes and pathways which will help to shed stored body fat through the liver, especially belly fat. It turns on your gene receptors that help to increase your metabolism.

10.  Benefits Hormone Production

Critical for the production and functioning of hormones, especially for reproduction and growth.


As featured in Luxury Living Magazine, Fall 2016 edition

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