Technology Interferes with our Biochemistry

ALL of our technology – cell phone, appliances, cell towers, power lines, computers, radios, etc – emits electromagnetic radiation, which can interfere with OUR body’s biological functions, and our own individual electromagnetic fields – yes we all have them (whole other conversation)!

This radiation can actually disturb and alter our body’s biochemistry (our hormones), our organs, our tissues, and penetrate down to a cellular level.  Also, radiation can be STORED in our cells as well.  This ultimately weakens our immune system and yes, causes damage!

Cell phones are especially suspect!  “20-80% of the radiation from a phone’s antenna penetrates up to 2 inches into the adult brain” – this is an especially bothersome fact (and logical – don’t you feel it???  I do!)

The point is, please limit cell phone conversations held against the ear (use land line), and do the best you can to avoid direct exposure to any device that gives off electromagnetic radiation!

Please read this article and share – it’s important!

Love, Ann Marie at Balanced 4 Life Nutrition!

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